Dear Bride-To-Be,

We have reached a milestone and now it is time to find your dream gown. What is it that you are looking for to represent such a monumental moment in your life?

There are 10 types of Brides and our Lo’ Adoro Collection is one that can satisfy every type of Bride there is.

 The budget bride
She’s searched the internet for inspiration and everything from invitations to table decorations is DIY. She might have purchased her dress second-hand and she’s been savvy throughout the planning.

2. The bridezilla
You’ll find this one shouting at the caterers. Many wonder if she scared her husband-to-be into the marriage.

3. The anti-bride
Refusal to wear white and no meringue dress in sight, we’re not entirely sure why this bride is getting married. She goes against all of the typical wedding conventions and tells everyone about it.

4. The princess
This type of bride spent years waiting for her Prince Charming and couldn’t be more excited that her dreams have come true. You’ll spot a lot of pink at her wedding and her dress will be huge. She’ll also search for the most castle-like venue for her special day.  

5. The nervous bride
She’s planning everything from day one and is constantly on the lookout for things that might go wrong. Her invitations are sent out earlier than necessary and she’s always checking something.

6. The last-minute bride
Less excitable than your typical bride, she’s always worryingly calm while others around her ask whether she’s selected her venue yet. She spends more time assuring people she’ll sort it later than she does organizing the actual wedding.

7. The fun loving bride
You might spot this bride getting married in Las Vegas and she certainly went overboard on her hen-do. This bride doesn’t take things too seriously and is the type to have an interesting themed wedding.

8. The bride who’s been planning for years
She started her Pinterest wedding board years before the engagement and knows exactly what she wants. She’s been planning her wedding since she watched her first Disney film.

9. The perfectionist
This bride has decided how her wedding will be and won’t let anything go wrong. Everything is researched and she can sometimes turn into bridezilla if things don’t go to plan.

10. The sentimental bride
Wearing her mother’s wedding dress, his grandmother’s engagement ring and stressing in case she’s forgotten to invite a family member, this bride’s all about making the occasion as special as possible.

-You and Your Wedding

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